About Us

The company Nivogradnja has successfully been doing business for over 21 years in the construction sector, as a contractor and an investor in residential and office buildings. Every year we increase the number of construction projects in which we take part.

In 2015. we have opened a branch in Sweden, a NIVOGRADNJA FILIAL SWEDEN in Goteborg. The same year we reconstructed several apartements in Stockholm, in neighorhood Fitija.

From 2015. - 2017. we have  worked on shell construction of residential building in Kyrkbytorget in Goteborg, Sweden. Gross floor area of this building is: 7461 m2. Number of stories: 3-8. Total units:56.

From 2016 until 2018 we are working on several shell construction of residential buildings in Goteborg and Smogen.

By constructing apartments for the market, we took the role of the investor and contractor. With the purchase of land using loans from business banks with which we cooperate, and the technical support of our sister company Nivoprojekt d.o.o. making project documentation, our workers along with the managers, engineers and the regular cooperators construct our buildings. The complete purchase and equipment is done by our company Nivotrgovina d.o.o..

We represent our products – high-quality residential and office spaces – on the market ourselves. During our time doing business, we have constructed a significant amount of buildings in Zagreb, Istra, Germany and Sweden. In the Republic of Croatia, we have constructed over 4 000 apartments, and in Germany around 300 000 square meters of residential-business structures in the roh-bau system. 

We cooperate closely with all the bodies of state regulation, city services and local management units, as well as real estate agencies. In order to further strengthen our position among the highest quality Croatian companies, we have introduced the Quality Management System into our line of business, which is in coordination with the international norm HRN EN ISO 90001:2000.

 Quality, experience and tradition that takes a place
since 1991.


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